Save Money with Heat Pump Water Heaters

Efficient Heat Pump Water Heaters:Your Key to Cost-Effective Savings

In this era of rising energy costs and growing environmental concerns, exploring the potential savings that heat pumps can bring to your household is a wise and responsible choice. Discover how efficient Heat Pump Water Heaters can not only keep your home comfortable year-round but also put more money back in your pocket.

The average homeowner saves $3700

In energy costs over 10 years. Even more if you have solar panels!

Use less

In energy costs over 10 years. Even more if you have solar panels!

Energy Star certified!

A green energy solution!

Significant local rebates

And federal tax credits available for replacing a natural gas powered water heater with a heat pump.

Cools the ambient air

Around it as hit heats the water!

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Aza Olival
These guys are great! Fair priced, awesome service & when they say they are fast. they are not messing around! They will work hard to get to you & get your matter resolved in a hurry & with a level of great service & quality effort! Thanks Better Water Heaters, I hope I don't have to call you guys any time soon, but if I do need help from someone, they will be my first call!!!
Jeff Powell
Better Water Heaters installed my tankless water heater several years ago, and they have been very good about performing its annual maintenance.
Gayle Davis
Cama promptly and performed annual service on my tankless water heater
Steve Scheinberg
They came out in 2016 for a job I told them over the phone was a simple T&P valve. They came out, claimed I needed a new water heater, and put a quote in my hand for $1300. I told them to get lost, and they pressured me to sign at $1200. I told them to leave, immediately!! Here we are, over 8 years later, and my old water heater is still working great! They second company came out, replaced the T&P valve, and $200 later it works fine, as expected. Frans is a large, cheater, scammer, and do not trust them to do the job without ripping you off!! I knew what I needed, and they STILL tried to rip me off!!! How do you think they will treat someone without knowledge, like my grandma?! You should be ashamed of yourself Frans, for trying to rip people off!! ZERO STARS!!!
Junaid Hussain
Did an amazing job with Rinnai Tankless water heater servicing. Hire them!
Jisong Yi
I cannot ask for better service than what Better Water Heaters did to help us, I highly recommend them!First off, Frans picked up the phone as soon as I called, he quickly diagnosed the problem over the phone & FaceTime with me, and dispatched a repair technician right away.Steve, the repair technician arrived in less than two hours from when I called (earlier than expected), with EVERYTHING needed to install the new heater, and to replace the associated valves / pipes etc.Steve not only did an excellent job with the heater installation, but he was also professional, courteous, and answered all of my questions patiently.As a bonus, our dog Blakey also got to play with Sam, Steve’s adorable puppy!All in all, what could’ve been a very stressful day turned out to be a very pleasant service experience. Less than 4 hours from I initially called to when the repair was completed, amazing! Thanks guys, please keep up the great work!
Our rinnai tankless wasn't doing its job and better water heaters came out and did a service on it. I thought it was time to be replaced and our tech worked his magic. Thank you Better Water Heaters your our number one plumbing company. Very happy customer!